Brain Fitness

It is well known that physical exercise leads to stronger muscles and improves balance, among many other benefits. So what about exercise for your brain?  No matter how old you are, science shows that training and brain exercises can in fact benefit you.  Daily Brain Fitness is an important part of your routine.

Options for exercising your brain fitness:

• BrainHQ – online brain exercises that work out attention, brain speed, memory and along the way, the program provides lots of feedback on how you are doing.
• Revita-Mind: A powerful brain wave program formulated to support cognitive function, memory and stress relief. A series of audio tracks are easily downloaded. Recordings are specially crafted pulse tones that stimulate your mind to provide substantial cognitive benefit.
• Customized Brain Games: Many clients are unable or unwilling to participate in mechanical programs. Our Cognitive Therapist designs appropriate and fun games.
• Cognitive Therapy: Our Cognitive Therapist provides assessment to determine specific areas to focus brain training. Clients participate in 8 sessions provided in the home.
• Crossword puzzles, reading a book that challenges your brain and socialization are all excellent forms of exercising your brain.