Hospital & Rehab To Home Care

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Photo of senior man with walker and his young carer

A Smooth Transition

Returning home from a hospital stay can result in unexpected challenges for many seniors. Scheduling Home Care Services in advance will benefit you because as soon as your doctor says you are “Medically Stable”, the hospital will want to discharge you.  Home Care Services can help ensure that your loved one makes a successful transition home from the hospital.

The Day of Discharge

Our nurse will meet with you at the hospital and together customize a discharge plan that will work best for you.

  • Meet with the discharge planner to review treatment orders in detail so we can reinforce the doctors’ orders. The day of discharge can be chaotic at times.
  • Ensure all mediations have been ordered and are ready for pick-up by the caregiver. Review instructions and medication schedules.
  • List any symptoms that you must report right away and have readily accessible.
  • Ensure all equipment and supplies have been ordered and delivered for your arrival at home.

We will select a proactive caregiver who will tend to your every need:

  • Transport you home and comfortably settle you in for the day.
  • Grocery shop to restock your refrigerator and prepare for any dietary restrictions.
  • Prepare your meals for the day.
  • Assist with taking your medications.
  • Make sure you have important phone numbers easily accessible.