In Home Health Care Sarasota

At Youthful Aging, we take pride in providing compassionate care for your loved one. Our Venice & Sarasota home health aides make sure that your loved one is kept safe in their home, so they can live with independence for as long as possible.

Medication Assistance & In Home Health Care

Medication assistance is one of the most common tasks for in home health care in Sarasota. In fact, our in home caregivers in Sarasota & Longboat Key work with clients who on average are prescribed 10 to 12 pills per day, which have to be given at different times throughout the day.

This can become both frustrating and confusing, and without the careful help of a caregiver clients can frequently miss dosages of important medications. Our home health aides are trained in medication management and have plenty of experience handling even the most confusing medication schedules.

At Youthful Aging, we take pride in our relationships with physicians and our ability to make taking medication both comfortable and convenient for your loved one. With every new client, we go through a complete assessment to ensure we are doing everything possible to take careful care of your loved one.

Physician Relationships & Nursing Assessments

First, our nurses and RN Case Managers establish relationships with each prescribing physician. We verify all medications with the physician and make sure we can be contacted directly by the physician when medications are changed.

We then make a complete nursing assessment to establish a baseline. We check blood pressure, pulse, and respiration, as well as check for oxygen saturation in the blood. Each of these measures can serve as important early signals when things are going well or if something is going wrong.

Finally, we ensure that the client understands why each medication is prescribed. We purchase a medication box and fill it according to the correct dosages and times, so that both our caregivers and our clients know exactly when to take the medicine, why, and what dosage.

Refilling Medications & Other In Home Caregiver

Each week, we visit to refill the medication box with the proper medications and dosages, making sure to check if anything has changed from a previous visit. We perform our in home nursing assessment and screen for any potential side effects from medications or treatments. In the course of our nursing assessment, we check blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and oxygen saturation against our baseline.

Our in home health aides in Sarasota & Longboat Key, when present, will remind clients when it’s time to take medications. We will also assist with taking the right medications, and notify the nurse if there are any issues that require further attention.