Light Housekeeping From Caregivers

At Youthful Aging, we take pride in providing compassionate care for your loved one. Our Venice & Sarasota caregivers make sure that your loved one is kept safe in their home, so they can live with independence for as long as possible.

Living In A Clean Home

Our caregivers in Sarasota, Longboat Key and Manatee understand that living in a clean home makes home care a lot more enjoyable for our clients. Light housekeeping and preparing meals can be out of reach for some seniors, so our caregivers make sure to help keep the areas of the home routinely used by our clients clean, safe, and comfortable for use.

Our caregivers don’t replace the need for a home cleaning service, and will focus on the areas of the home used by your loved one over the course of the day.

Light Housekeeping Services

At Youthful Aging, we’ve found that most clients of our caregivers need help with:

  • Vacuuming and dusting the main areas of the home
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom in the course of normal use
  • Keeping the kitchen counter and the floor clean of stains, dust, food, and other tripping hazards
  • Running laundry, folding clothing and putting it away properly
  • Washing and cleaning dishes and cutlery, running the dishwasher, and cleaning up after meals
  • Menu planning in coordination with our nutritionist, who can help develop medically-based dietary strategies to optimize client brain health, maintain physical strength, and prevent weight loss or dehydration
  • Preparing meals, serving, and cleaning up
  • Cooking meals ahead of time to freeze for incidences when meals will be served by someone other than our caregivers in Sarasota
  • Grocery shopping for planned meals or for other food to snack on throughout the week
  • Essential errands necessary for our clients to remain independent in their homes
  • Other requests as they are needed — we believe in doing everything possible to keep your loved one safe, comfortable, and independent and will satisfy essential requests as they come up.