Help At Home in Sarasota

At Youthful Aging, we take pride in providing compassionate care for your loved one. Our help at home in Sarasota makes sure that your loved one is kept safe in their home, so they can live with independence for as long as possible.

Our help at home services in Sarasota include gentle and personal non-medical care. These services help your loved one stay healthy, strong, and independent in their home by helping them with personal care tasks that may have become difficult over time.

Personal care and attention will help your loved one keep a high quality of life in their home by tending to their hygiene, bathing, dressing, hair care, and other needs. We also help relieve stress with massages and companionship.

Bathing, Getting Ready & Relaxation

We help at home Sarasota with showers and tub baths, ensuring safety and comfort during bathing. We also provide gentle bed baths to maintain hygiene for those who are bed-bound.

We help at home so your loved one can choose clothes to wear for the day, and help them get ready. We also help clients get ready for bed at night and go to sleep in clean, comfortable clothing.

Massages are a wonderful way to de-stress, enhance comfort and relaxation, and make help at home a more enjoyable experience for your loved one. Our caregivers apply lotion to keep skin moisturized and prevent dryness and itching.

Personal Care

Nail Care
Left untended, fingernails and toenails can grow long and get dirty. We help your loved ones clean, clip, and file their nails to keep them healthy and clean.

Hair Care
Hair can become difficult to wash, maintain, and style in home care. We help clients keep their hair healthy and washed during bathing, and help style hair to look good throughout the day. In addition, arrangements can be made with Dr. Hair co give a professional coiffeur at home.

Oral Hygiene
Oral hygiene is often neglected when caregivers aren’t there to help. Our trained home health aides help gently brush and floss our clients’ teeth in the morning and at night. We also take care of dentures, including soaking the dentures and brushing.

Assistance Using the Toilet

Seniors often find using the bathroom increasingly difficult with age. In addition to decreased comfort, bathrooms can also be very dangerous for seniors. Our trained home health aides help with bedside commodes as an alternative to the bathroom, as well as installing and maintaining comfortable toilet seats, ensuring good toilet hygiene, and maintaining catheter bags for clients that require them.