Personal Nurse RN Case Manager

Personal Nurse Care Manager

Our highly qualified nurse becomes your RN Case Manager will carefully evaluate your needs and quickly advise the best course of action.
Our goal is to give you access to the tools necessary to take control of your health. We provide unlimited and direct access to prevention and treatment services. We want to intervene before symptoms progress.
Our initial comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment gets your personal health information into a private and secure Electronic Medical Record system and helps us provide a customized path to greater health. All information is then accessible to you, your physicians and authorized users.
Once we have your records available, you will have 24-hour/7-day access to your Personal Nurse/RN Case Manager.

Your Personal Nurse Care Manager Can Help You Address Health Concerns

  • Is there a need to call your doctor or go to the emergency room?
  • Do you need help getting through to your doctor; are calls returned in time?


We can–

  • Schedule a home visit to assess and manage health issues
  • Facilitate a referral to the emergency room and pre-register you at the nearest hospital or urgent care center
  • Help you attend doctor’s appointments or emergency room visits
  • Explain medications, drug interactions, side effects
  • Provide information about specific disease such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Explain common surgical procedures
  • Help you find community resources
  • Answer questions about healthy lifestyle alternatives and management of your chronic conditions