Safety Supervision & Elderly Home Care in Sarasota

At Youthful Aging, we take pride in providing compassionate care for your loved one. Our elderly home care in Sarasota, FL makes sure that your loved one is kept safe in their home, so they can live with independence for as long as possible.

The average home can present many dangers to seniors. Hazards range from precarious stairways to slippery floors, and can often be unexpected. Part of our elderly home care in Sarasota, FL includes closely examining your home for situations that could cause a fall or accident.

Our caregivers are trained to identify hazards in the home and can help you ensure your loved one is safe. We can help you prevent falls and accidents for loved ones at home and seniors under elderly home care in Sarasota by watching for these common dangers:

Dangerous Flooring & Dimly Lit Hallways

Clutter and slippery or tangled floor materials are a common cause of falls for seniors in home care. An electrical extension cord on the floor in a walkway, slick tile on linoleum, and throw rugs may seem innocuous, but our trained personal care staff will recognize these and other dangers as potential causes of falls and accidents at home. Keep your loved ones safe under elder care by keeping the floor clear and avoiding slippery materials.

In the daytime, the hallways of your home are easy to navigate. But at night, if those same hallways are not brightly lit, they can present a host of dangers for your loved one. Objects like tables, chests, clocks, and open doors are easily seen with bright light but can escape notice when it’s dim. Each of these can cause an accident, but the problem is avoidable by taking care of dimly lit hallways in your home.

Malfunctioning Home Alert Systems

Many Americans allow their home alert systems to run out of battery or malfunction for long periods of time. They can be annoying to upkeep and it isn’t obvious when they aren’t working. However, for seniors in elder care in Sarasota, malfunctioning alert systems can pose a serious danger. Fire and carbon monoxide alarms should always be kept ready so you have as much time as possible to react to a dangerous situation and help your loved one exit the home.

Unsafe Bathrooms

For seniors, the bathroom is often the most dangerous room in the home. The slippery floors in the shower, the hard tile made wet with steam, and the low toilets all make falls common and especially dangerous. Our trained home health aides know how to examine your bathrooms for dangers and remedy common problems by installing grab bars in the tub or shower, adding a shower chair, and adjusting the rest of the room to accommodate your loved one.