An Ode on Caring

Youthful Aging They call themselves “the agency.
”They specialize in “youthful aging”
I find their presence most engaging
And I will tell you how and why.
The folk they send to care for me
Are folk who truly truly care.
They are concerned with how I fare
They treat me like I’m family.

Each day I feel I younger am
And pretty soon I’ll be a child
Because my treatment is so mild
Although I am an aging man.
My age right now is ninety-seven
But thanks to all the care
I’m getting I’m ready now to say
I’m betting My life on Earth will be a heaven!


End of Life Care

JoAnn and I want you to know how much we valued and appreciated your personal involvement in caring for Aunt Victoria over this past year. Your weekly reports (sometimes daily) to me along with your personal visits to her home to observe and check on her condition were instrumental in ensuring that the last year of her life was made as comfortable as possible. Please accept our thanks and gratitude

JoAnn & Joe

Peace of Mind


Penny is so terrific, and so caring…she has given us all the true gift of peace of mind, knowing that Mom is being very well cared for in a tough situation where we can’t be there every day to look over her.


“Boutique” Care

Again, many thanks for your advice and flexibility working with us. It affirms once again that we madethe right decision in switching to your agency two years ago!


Prompt Attention

Dear Nicci,

Your genuine interest and Ina’s attention and compassion helped us to make it through an uncomfortable situation.


Transition to Home Care

Nicci, you accommodated my request to meet each health care worker who would be taking care of my mother.


Consistent Comfort

Dear Nicci,

It remains a great comfort to us to know that you are on the scene, and that no matter what comes up, we can turn to you to help us out

Ted, for Steve, Marty, and Paul (also Joan, Eileen, and Ann)

Customized Care

Our caretaker from Youthful Aging was with us to the end when my mom finally went to the hospice house. She was part of our extended family.


Care & Communications

Youthful Aging has given my mother the finest care I could ask for. They not only provide a service, but do so in such a caring way that you would believe it was their own mother or sister they were looking after.